The Mashkisibi Boys & Girls Club is a nonprofit organization for which we charge $5.00 a year for membership, which covers less than 0.5% of our financial needs to operate daily. The Mashkisibi Boys & Girls Club is funded through foundation and government grants, special events fundraising, and individual contributions. We rely heavily on contributions to help us sustain our current level of quality after school programming.


As the nation's fastest-growing youth service organization, Boys & Girls Clubs serve millions of young people ages 5-18. Throughout our history, we have always held a special concern for children from disadvantaged circumstances. Our comprehensive youth development programs and services provide young people with the skills to overcome their challenges and become responsible citizens and leaders.

Your investment in The Mashkisibi Boys & Girls Club helps guarantee a strong future for our young people and our nation. We invite you to invest in America's future. The choice is yours, but the rewards are shared by everyone—especially the children who represent America's future.


The Mashkisibi Boys & Girls Club welcomes individuals and groups of volunteers to help us inspire and enable young people. Volunteers act as adult role models and can contribute on many levels. The gift of a volunteer’s time and talents is very much appreciated.


One Volunteer – Participate in individual volunteer activities. Assist with a special event at a club. Each individual volunteer applicant will need to fill out an application/background check. Applications available at club sites.

Small Groups of Volunteers (2 - 15)
– Split into groups of 1-2 people for individual volunteer activities. Assist with a club’s special event (depending on event). Implement a volunteer event (with the input of Club Director) to help maintain and improve club facilities: clean, landscape, paint, construct, etc.

Larger Groups of Volunteers (over 15)
– Implement a volunteer event (with the input of Club Director) to help maintain and improve club facilities: clean, landscape, paint, construct, etc.

Individuals and Small or Larger Groups of Volunteers – Create an activity or event to benefit club members or club site.




Is your talent in planning special events? For more information and to sign up as a volunteer, contact Kristi Broeniman, Executive Director at  (715) 685-9489 or by email at 




(1) Contact the Club at (715) 685-9489 and set up an orientation/tour.
(2) Fill out an application & background check form.
(3) Set up your schedule.

Examples of individual volunteer opportunities...

Educational Instructor
Provide one-on-one tutoring to school age children, spend time reading with a child and assist the Director of Program Operations in providing positive educational activities and experiences.

Computer Instructor
Instruct/assist in the area of computer and internet skills training.   Basic computer/technology skills or education is an essential requirement of this position.
Social Recreation
Spend one-on-one time with youth playing pool, foosball, ping-pong, chess, checkers and board games.  Exciting tournaments that need adult supervision are held often.  Offer your expertise in the area of social recreation, while getting to know young people in a positive and lively environment.
Physical Education
Help youth achieve and maintain fitness, acquire a broad range of skills, develop a sense of teamwork, cooperation and fairness that leads to the development of healthy lifestyle patterns.
Leadership/Prevention Class Assistant Instructor
Work along side dedicated staff facilitating programs that support youth in developing a positive self-concept, sustain meaningful relationships, respect their own and others cultural identity and learn to participate in a democratic process. 
Group Facilitator
Individuals needed to facilitate workshops and groups for children (6-9 years), pre-teens (10-13 years), teens (14-18 years) and parent/family groups.  Areas of focus: education, employment, drug prevention, life skills, self-esteem, and crisis prevention/intervention.